#9 Back to School

It’s 8.58pm where I am now and I’m going crazy from dread. I’m really not looking forward to school.

I’m not looking forward to being zombified from sleeping for a mere 5-6 hours trying to do up my work the night before when what growing teenagers like me need is 9-10.

But I’m not looking forward to sitting in that poorly designed classroom with almost zero ventilation coated with sweat waiting for the school bell to ring just because I want a fresh breath of air and space to move my limbs.

Not looking forward to teachers who dismiss my worth as a person. Not looking forward to receiving my common test results which I know for sure are shitty probably the worst I’ve ever done.

I’m so scared okay. I just feel like crying.

I’m not looking forward to being in a sea of grey again.

Not looking forward to going back to that dog JC life style again. Oh well gotta accept it I’m Asian. I’m in Singapore. It’s the education system. I gotta find more ways to make it work for me.

#8: A list of things to look forward to after A levels to encourage myself to continue mugging on

1. FINALLY getting braces in December – after wanting straight teeth for (literally) ages! I don’t really care about how painful it is because I know the reward will be more than the pain itself… Looking good is a major confidence booster for me.

2. I’ll get to watch tv series I’ve been dying to watch including
– Skins ep 3-8 (the new series!)

– BBC Sherlock (the new series which isn’t out yet!)
– The Fugitive – Plan B (I know this is quite an old series I think it first started showing in 2008? But I got mighty hooked after an episode I watched so I’m dying to watch more.)


I haven’t been reading much these days. I’ve been to the library a few times but I seem to have lost the skills of picking good books. Almost all the books I’ve been borrowing aren’t to my taste.

Anyway, after A levels I will work, and hopefully i’ll have enough to buy a few books I’ve been wanting to get. The kite runner by Khaled Hossini I’M SORRY IF THE NAME IS WRONG I FORGOT HOW TO SPELL IT, Looking for Alaska by John Green and Sylvia Plath’s journal for starters. I’ve been wanting them so bad and the library doesn’t have them either so I’m good.

– Also looking forward to attending at least one concert or a session of clubbing or a session of drinking with my friends.

#7: Sovereign Light Cafe – Keane

I really love the vibes from this song as well as the lyrics.

I’m going back to a time when we owned this town
Down Powder Mill Lane and the battlegrounds
We were friends and lovers and clueless clowns

I didn’t know I was finding out how I’d be torn from you
When we talked about things we were gonna do
We were wide eyed dreamers and wiser too

We’d go down to the rides on East Parade
By the lights of the Palace Arcade and watch night
Coming down on the Sovereign Light Café

I’m begging you for some sign but you still got nothing to say
Don’t turn your back on me, don’t walk away
I’m a better man now than I was that day
Let’s go down to the rides on East Parade
By the lights of the Palace Arcade and watch night
Coming down on the Sovereign Light Café
Let’s go down to the bandstand on the pier
Watch the drums and the lovers appear to take turns
As the stars of the Sovereign Light Café

I wheel my bike off the train, up the north trade road
And look for you on marley lane in every building and every street sign
Oh why did we ever go so far from the road

But you’ve got nothing to hide, you come to change who you really are
You can get a big house and a faster car
You can run away boy but you won’t go far

Let’s go down to the rides on east parade
By the lights of the palace arcade and watch night
Coming down on the Sovereign Light Café
Let’s go down to the bandstand on the pier
Watch the drums and the lovers appear to take turns
As the stars of the Sovereign Light Café

La la la la la la la la la yeah, yeah
I’m going where the people know my name

#6: June

A much needed one-month break away from school to set my own bearings again.
I didn’t really go out much, though.

What I did:
-Consumed a lot of mum’s spaghetti
– Ate a lot of icecream
– Late-night affairs with my favourite cup noodles have become a tad too regular
-Watched a lot of movies and tv series (relative to my absolute lack before)

Man of steel sucked real bad. Content’s compromised for special effects. Can’t expect much for potential blockbuster movies anyway. I think about 1 hour of the 2hour+ was spent on fighting scenes, metal and more metal.

Fell in love with skins but I controlled myself and watched only 2 series.
I currently have a hopeless crush on Maxxie.

tumblr_mol8nkW5131qb7rx3o2_r1_250 tumblr_mol8nkW5131qb7rx3o4_r1_250 tumblr_mol8nkW5131qb7rx3o8_r1_250 tumblr_mol8nkW5131qb7rx3o9_r1_250

-Some contact with humans
20130601_152758 20130602_150932 image580472_10151515648234092_2067114389_n (1) wpid-20130618_120447.jpg
-PSSC scholarship fair with Annabel and Jacob
-Zouk (To shop instead of partying HAHAHA blogshop event)
-Coach’s debrief and Juniors’ exco elections
-NUS Floorball Tenses (and Nando’s afterwards)
-Studying session with the bffl Shichan

#4: When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Life has to be kept fresh like our groceries or it’ll turn paltry and sour. I think everyone needs to do something they’ve never done before every once in a while. Be it small, like writing a note of encouragement to a friend, family member or colleague; or big, like going on a backpacking trip across the globe.

A fulfilling day of first times
(photo from flickr)

-Ate 2 soft-boiled eggs at Ya Kun. Also tried their famous Kaya Toast which was good but I realised I make comparable toast. Breakfast option of making soft-boiled eggs also unlocked (I forgot all about soft-boiled eggs before I ate at Ya Kun) FAVORITE. EGG. TYPE. EVER.

-Went to Rochester Starbucks for the first time


-Free “birthday” cake (actually just the birthday I set for my Starbucks card to facilitate studying during the June holidays HAHAHA.) So I ended up trying raspberry cheesecake and vanilla latte for the first time


Studying with a dear friend

– Tried a new look: a formal looking top paired with jeans. I hardly wear jeans.

(photo from ST)

– Went to JEM, the newly opened mall in the West with shops like New Look, H&M, Uniqlo, Sephora, Dorothy Perkins. It has the feel of the Orchard area in Singapore. I wish I can say “Oh, now I don’t have to travel all the way to Orchard to shop!” because I hardly go to Orchard to shop anyway HAHAHA. Maybe when I’m richer in the future.