Surrounded by all these bright minds, I can’t help but feel a little stressed as to what is about to come. Here I am; a scholar in a legit scholars’ programme, and all these intelligent people around me, in more ways than one smart, all their fast thinking, quick reflexes, strong learning abilities, quick wit and intelligent strategizing… I have to keep reminding myself of my own good points and strengths that got me here in the first place. 
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“Think Big. Start Small. Progress Always.” 


This is, by far, the best camp I’ve ever been to. There were so many humsup moments, not too many probing hthts (the hthts actually felt like actual hthts instead of formalities like go round the group and tell me your first impression of your OG mates and also why you chose this course- like urgh, how boring can you get?), honestly awesome people and wonderful planning by the seniors who organised the camp. LELANTUS HUAT AH! Really, really love you guys and I look forward to seeing the people I’ve made friends with when school starts in August.

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Dance, dance, dance.

Marking out what I’ve done since JC ended for some sort of closure. (I) December 2013 I don’t really remember what I did this month, honestly. I believe I was just resting and enjoying the holidays. Oh yeah, I told myself to start finding work in 2014. This time was pretty much wasted. I didn’t really do anything to improve myself here. (II) January 2014 New goals, new visions. Managed to nail myself a job at ESPRIT but I quit after 2 days. It was still a pretty good experience, though. I didn’t actually find it especially difficult except from trying to remember where all the clothes are supposed to be. It wasn’t particularly exhausting and the food was pretty okay, at least in the 2 days I was there. Sometimes you realise that there isn’t going to be anyone who’ll help you, so you gotta do it on your own. And it’s difficult in the beginning, but once you’re used to it, the steep learning curve will do you more good in the end. Retail line is toxic to the skin and back, but gives you nice muscles and curves since you gotta be standing all day. I managed to get another job late January at Freeman Florist @ BPP, which is just downstairs from my house. (III) February 2014 A florist’s job is a craft and an art form on its own. You need to know how to fold paper into nice packaging for bouquets, table arrangements etcetera. You need to know which fillers (referring to flowers or leaves that aren’t the main focus of the bouquet) to use, which colours to pick to bring out the particular vibe/style you wanna bring out. It’s also quite a bit of manual work having to lug water buckets, trim the dead/rotten leaves, de-spike the thorns from the rose, among various other things. That’s the unglamorous part of being a florist. And the pay isn’t exactly high, but the sense of fulfilment when you complete a piece is beyond the pay.  I believe the most important things I’ve learnt is how to judge a well-done bouquet from a badly-done bouquet, the names of more flowers and being able to identify more flowers such as carnations, sweet william, baby’s bloom, that pom pom is actually chrysanthemums, and there’re so many different types of chrysanthemums etc, and that there are people who’ll use you and are so good with words it scares you and squeeze you dry and I gotta improve on my EQ but it’s so hard, and I realise this isn’t my line of work because I kept forgetting how to do things. I forgot I suck at handicrafts. It was an eye-opening 1 month being a florist assistant. I was also tutoring one of my brother’s classmates, which was enriching on its own especially since she improved quite a bit under my guidance, though honestly I wasn’t the best teacher around cause I couldn’t manage to teach her answering techniques lol. After I stopped teaching her I heard from Brother she did pretty well so there’s that. It was still pretty good pay considering the effort, though I should’ve charged (way) more as my rates were way below market rate. (IV) March to June 2014 Worked at Carrier and learnt more about people-people relationships rather than the actual work experience itself. I think I covered that in one of my previous blog posts so I shan’t elaborate any further here. I also settled up university applications during this period – deciding which course to go (so much brain cells lost here. I am still not sure if this is where I want to go, honestly, but we’ll see how it goes), which university to accept, going for scholarship and programme interviews, getting accepted into USP, making friends with the USP interviewees, making friends with interns, getting ready for school, among other things. I also started my personal visual transformation, getting contacts, getting prettier clothes etc and my own blogshop, which helped me make about $100 more, too lazy to continue, though. I also somehow managed to rake up a significant number of males interested in me, 3 from work and 1 from school, which is pretty much way more than previously (0). Which is weird. Have I become attractive????? Is this the period when I am finally hot???? Or perhaps it’s ’cause of factors such as engineering having a lack of girls and army having a lack of girls. Makes me think a lot about chance and probability and luck. Anyhow I am flattered by the attention. And later down on this post I have photos I experimented with for the vintage-y-lomocam-autographer look.