Things that are not Love

  1. If one is unable to accept fully another, and demands for change as an ultimatum.
  2. Lust. Being nice because of the potential of sex, but treating one like trash after the act, or being self-serving in the bedroom.
  3. Obsession. Putting someone up on a pedestal, and conceding to their every need and want, or sacrificing one’s own needs and wants repeatedly to result in a loss of self and confusion.
  4. Ticking all the boxes of one’s list for a potential partner, but not feeling any attraction towards them.
  5. Convenience – communicated with in times of need or want, but not kept up with in other times, including during the times of need or want of the other person.
  6.  Being able to purposefully and continually hurt or damage someone with their words or actions, even if that is done in the ‘heat of the moment’.
  7. When one forces the other to do things that the other has explicitly indicated extreme discomfort, notwithstanding demands of sex, coercing the other to purchase or do things one wants but the other does not, etc, without any sort of compromise.