It has been 2 months after Lasik! You can read about how my procedure went here. In September 2019, I went on a whim (though not really as I’ve been wanting to not wear spectacles for a really long time – almost 2 decades) to SNEC to do my LASIK procedure.

After the surgery, my vision fluctuated for about 2-3 weeks. Some days, it was so blurry that I could not see traffic and the roads properly, nor my computer screen while working. Although this was an expected side effect, I was really worried that it would be permanent or last a really long time.

SNEC provides several follow up checks, namely 1 day after the surgery, 1 week after, 1 month after, and 6 months after.

At the 1 week mark, I was told that I had dry eyes, and was prescribed a different type of antibiotic eyedrops and steroid eyedrops.

However, even with religious dropping of the eyedrops into my eye, my vision still fluctuated. At night, there would also be halos, worse than when I still had my mild-to-moderate level of astigmatism, affecting my vision.

Initially, I got really worried because people have given me some anecdotal inputs on how the dry eyes could last over a year, and for some, it is forever.

Thankfully, my vision started to stabilise about 1 month after the procedure. I went back for my post op checkup at the 1+ month mark, and my eyes are 0 on the left (perfect eyesight) and 25 on the right (near perfect eyesight). 25 is minor and does not require any spectacles to see.

One thing I find that is really important is that people should adjust their expectations of how LASIK will turn out. Many people expect perfect eyesight, but that is often not the case. Sometimes, you get near-perfect vision. I have also heard many people who still experience night halos and aberrations in the vision. However, I am glad that for me, these disappeared about 1-2 months after the procedure.

I do notice that my vision does get blurry after some activities, for example, after I spend an entire night reading (i.e. from the time I reach home from work at about 7-8pm all the way to about 1am at night), but honestly you shouldn’t even be doing that without rest anyway. I have no issues with near work, including reading, browsing the internet, or just regular shopping or looking at advertisements. I also have no issue with driving or strong winds.

Just do what the doctor tells you to, and you’ll be fine. It is important still to take note of possible side effects, as if dry eyes was going to be a permanent issue, it would affect me mentally/emotionally a lot. Don’t underestimate the psychological load of poor vision.

All in all, I absolutely do not regret the procedure. The surgery was definitely scary, you can read the full details here, but an eye-opener (PUN INTENDED) and also, I think my confidence has increased a lot. In the past, I used to not be able to put on certain outfits as my glasses do not suit, and I always had issues with contacts due to my inherently dry eyes and also irritation, but now I can wear whatever that screams me without a care. It is also super convenient and I definitely save time not having to push up my specs ever so often, heehee.

Do comment below if you have any questions!

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