Joker (2019) – Movie Review *Spoilers Alert*

Life is full of funhouse mirrors, and more so for those with mental illnesses. The labyrinths of the mind are hard to detect, full of fallacies and assumptions. We trust ourselves, but can we? What is real, and what is not? What is really happening, what is the objective truth, and what is contorted truth – the story you tell yourself?

Joker is a 2 hours and 2 minutes long film that records the transition of a working class man with a dream of becoming a comedian; the reality is simply that he is working at an agency as a clown-for-hire – our first foray into the workings of reality vs mind that is emphasised throughout the movie. His progression into Joker is marked from handing of a gun from his co-worker, triggering the first turning point – committing the triple murders on the subway. Straight after he stumbles his way back to his apartment block, where he forces open his neighbour’s door and made sexual advances towards her. She appears to resist at first then relent completely, shutting her door behind her. A series of events occur, and the relationship between the two develops and blossoms — until the point when she finds him in his living room, appearing completely shocked and afraid — the movie reveals that the relationship did not exist at all, and they were in fact simply acquaintances who met each other in the lift.

At this point the narrative cracks open and leads the viewer to mull over which parts of the story is real and which is not. Apart from this highly obvious reveal, the rest of the movie keeps quiet on the delusions.

The movie progresses with the murders striking a deep divisive line between the Haves and Have Nots. The victims of the triple murders were revealed to be professionally successful men. Havoc reigns on the streets. He gets onto a talkshow host’s show and proceeds to shoot him dead while on live tv. He is arrested but a hospital van crashes the police car he is in; he is lifted out and placed atop the car in an act similar to reverence. Batman’s parents are killed by someone else in a clown mask. The movie jumps all the way to a meeting with a psychiatrist in a white sterile environment, likely a hospital asylum setting. He is handcuffed. You wonder – which was real, which was not? Was most of the movie simply all his delusions?

In all, this was an intense journey from mildly “crazy” man to full-on deranged madness. Yet, under the evolution of this man lies the same persona, a man struggling to free himself from the labyrinths of his mind, full of anguish despite the new sense of euphoria and heightened sense of self.

And remember, the movie mentions that at some point, he was supposedly put off his meds, so he could be hallucinating. Yet, he could be in a bipolar state and in which case may have almost definitely allowed him to commit those murders. How do we know? In Joker 2, perhaps.

Taobao Haul

First of all I apologize for a rather long hiatus regarding Taobao hauls and whatnot.

I’ve been trying to taper off my unnecessary purchases really especially with Taobao because they tend to be a hit or a miss. And with all the misses I’ve had I could’ve just used the total amount of money spent to get things I actually need, and really love, and in high quality. So yeah I’m really trying to cut down on unnecessary purchases and save the environment (cuz you know, consume less), declutter my life and all yada yada. Minimalistic is the way to go.

IMG_2016-07-20 22:26:14

This time round I only got a couple of items (Price inclusive shipping):
1) 81cm Burj Kalifa Tower (Cardboard Puzzle) ~S$10

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.40.11 pm

  • Not sure if hit or miss, but overall it is a normal price for such puzzles, save for the fact that it is 81cm tall, which is actually pretty big.
  • Will see what the bro says about it, he hasn’t started working on it yet
  • Free mini statue of liberty puzzle that he completed in 5 min
  • Could purchase in SG easily at around the same price

2) IKI Waxing Strips (20+5) ~S$13

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.39.53 pm

  • Trying not to hurt or dry my skin any further using razor often
  • So I am trying out waxing which makes the hair grow out slower too
  • Got 5 free strips so yay (that should last about 2 sessions)
  • A bit pricey but aiya hair remover is so expensive anyway so yeah I will give this a go

3) Black Marbled Notebook ~S$5

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.39.09 pm

  • Got taken in cuz the price was like S$2.50 before shipping and it’s so fuckin pretty
  • Shipping came in a frickin box which was totally unnecessary
  • So the shipping was ex
  • And the price went up too
  • Actually I don’t really need this I got it cuz it was cheap but after shipping it isn’t really that cheap after all

4) Pink Lace-up Crochet Top ~S$9

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.39.38 pm

  • I couldn’t find a pink version cuz it’s out of stock already and I can’t be bothered with wearing the top maybe next time
  • Ok this one the quality is bad
  • But the cutting is quite flattering
  • Hopefully can iron out so the creases are mostly gone
  • I heard from my friend it will shrink when washed
  • Maybe I will try to hand wash it
  • Not a good purchase

5) White Bra ~S$10

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.40.45 pm

  • I really should just go out and find myself bra
  • Cuz as usual the cup size too big for me
  • But I will still use it anyway cuz it’s just slightly too big and I don’t have a white bra to wear with my white spags (also why I bought in the first place, to wear with these tops so they don’t look that awk)

Exact Total: S$38.24 + S$7.90 shipping = S$46

I think my best buy’s the waxing strips and if you take away the $10 which is strictly not my stuff you have S$36 for waxing strips, a top, a notebook and a bra which is like meh cuz I don’t need the top or notebook so technically I only need to buy waxing strips and bra, and could have gotten better quality bra with the S$25 lor. See what I mean?


[Review] My First Experience with 65daigou

Preliminary notice:
This is NOT a sponsored post. The reason why I am spending some time to write a review is to share honestly my experience with goods and services such as 65daigou. I am in no way affiliated with 65daigou; I am simply putting in my two cents into the big wide world of the internet to help others in deciding whether they want to consume certain goods and services or not, especially with the flood of sponsored posts everywhere that tend to skew consumers’ opinions and ideas about products and services.

If you would like to take a look at them, feel free to browse my food reviews and other reviews.

65daigou’s Taobao Buy-for-me Service

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.40.30 pm.png

65daigou is one of the most renowned concierges in Singapore for ordering and shipping items from Taobao over to Singapore with ease, to bypass the need for a Taobao account as well as the confusing and long procedures of purchasing and shipping. However, I’ve only made my first transaction with them recently (Dec 2015). In the past, I’d always relied on either my friends or carousellers who were conducting sprees. I soon grew desperate when I realised that the carousellers were offering either steep shipping fees, slow replies, or inconvenient collection and/or payment options.

On to the important points and details: this was my first time ordering from 65daigou, and I used SEA shipping instead of AIR shipping or EXPRESS AIR shipping.


I sent in my orders on 7 Dec 2015 and paid via bank transfer on the same date. They were also able to confirm my orders on the same date within a few hours, which was great. My items took about 1 week to arrive at China’s warehouse from the sellers’ locations. Then it took a few days to “prepare to ship”. The shipping to Singapore itself took about 1.5 weeks. Eventually, my items arrived and I paid the agent and shipping fees via bank transfer and confirmed my delivery method on 29 Dec 2015. I was able to collect my items at the designated location on 30 Dec 2015. All in all, the entire procedure took 21 days i.e. 3 weeks.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.40.05 pm.png
The items I ordered – 4 phone cases and 10 pieces of undergarments came up to 0.44kg.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.39.54 pm

I didn’t order much as this was my first experiencing purchasing from Taobao via 65daigou, and I had read my fair share of bad reviews about their service. I have to say that I am pleased overall with the smoothness of the entire transaction. I would be converting to 65daigou from now onwards.

If I have to nitpick, a slight misgiving I had was how I didn’t receive any email or SMS notification about the arrival of my parcel in Singapore, ready for collection, even though I indicated to receive a notification about the arrival of my parcel via email. It just so happened that I had been religiously stalking the status page in the recent few days the parcel was due to arrive.

The items arrived in good condition – there were no defective items, though 2 out of the 10 undergarments were of the wrong size, but that was not an issue to me as they were still wearable. The parcel was packaged in a compact manner while still offering protection via bubble wrap and minimal padding (though the main item itself is most probably packaged by the sellers themselves). I believe that 65daigou had allowed for the removal of excess packaging that I had come to expect of my Taobao parcels. That was a pleasant surprise.

Feel free to leave a message below should anyone have any queries 🙂 I would be happy to help. I may be providing a combined taobao haul review soon, as I am planning a second purchase with 65daigou, so stay tuned (I will even be providing the links to the items!).

[2019 Update: 65daigou is now rebranded to ezbuy. Ezbuy has been steadily gaining popularity over the years, even as Alibaba tried to curb it with the introduction of Direct Taobao or through heavily promoting Lazada.]