Show me how it’s done

Today, he waved and smiled at me during lunch while I was walking to my table and he was with his friends.

In Gp class he beamed when he saw me there as he walked in. My friend who was sitting nearer to him asked me real loudly if I wanted to change seats with her. I was mortified!! I felt like dying when I saw him smile to himself and I was thinking, “AHHHH AISH IS GONNA GET IT FROM ME AFTER CLASS”

But then afterwards he went and passed a sweet packet around in my row (I was sitting in the back row and he the second). I took one too and it got passed back to him with only a few pieces left. He looked at it and then he looked at me then I stared at him and smiled then he smiled too.

Today is a good day.





I’ve been best friends with this person for 5 years now. Not so much of a long time for older people but pretty long to a 17 year old like me. We’ve been through 4 years of secondary school and now a tough 1 year of junior college life. Yet we are still talking online every single day without fail.

Nothing’s ever awkward. Even when we finally find time to meet up. Everything just… Flows. Our conversations can go on for hours and hours on end.

They say you’ll meet someone like no other along the course of your life, someone who understands you and lets you be the best you can possibly be, and to hold on to that person, that person is your best friend. That person may not be a family member or even a lover. I think I have found mine.

Nothing can ever replace her.

We both know it’s true. This friendship will last, I know it will.