A list of things to do, and places to go

– be a volunteer at an animal shelter
– visit art science museum
– visit haji lane
– go to see a concert by one of my favourite bands
– go to Zoukout
– countdown party 2014
– learn to play the ukelele
– get an okay-paying job
– do something to my hair (dye/perm)
– get a university life that is much better than my JC one

Happy Days are Here Again

Today marks the end of my promos!! Really really happy.

Now I have time to read more books and do more of what I love. Also all time low’s album is going to be out tomorrow, so gonna get it!! 🙂

Going out with my friends to bowl and chill and have a buffet and all tomorrow. I can’t wait to start my post-promos life!



Show me how it’s done

Today, he waved and smiled at me during lunch while I was walking to my table and he was with his friends.

In Gp class he beamed when he saw me there as he walked in. My friend who was sitting nearer to him asked me real loudly if I wanted to change seats with her. I was mortified!! I felt like dying when I saw him smile to himself and I was thinking, “AHHHH AISH IS GONNA GET IT FROM ME AFTER CLASS”

But then afterwards he went and passed a sweet packet around in my row (I was sitting in the back row and he the second). I took one too and it got passed back to him with only a few pieces left. He looked at it and then he looked at me then I stared at him and smiled then he smiled too.

Today is a good day.

The city comes alive

School was pretty good today.

Ran 2.8km in the morning, talked quite a bit to my friends, managed to be so productive that I only spent half an hour(!) working on 3 long questions (and I got them right!) from the math chapter I can’t get the hang of.

I sat at a VERY STRATEGIC SPOT at math lecture where I could stare at him for as much as I wanted, heard the guys talking about pretty girls in the row behind and I heard them mention me.

Was on the bus home and I did an experiment where I stopped avoiding eye contact and looked at guys head on. Some got rather distraught; many took seats closer to me. One even smiled at me.

And so I got myself a cup of Mr Bean on my way home to add to the joys of today.