Two sides to every coin

The Internet is a great place to unleash our deepest thoughts. You find people becoming more honest with their state of mind, and you realise that an unsaid thing is shared between many of us. We all have demons within us that we struggle with, although these tend to come in various forms. I wonder if perhaps this is a norm. And it ought to be treated like a norm instead of being stigmatised. To be conscious is like all things – there are always the good and the bad. The good thing about consciousness is a deeper depth to life itself, and the bad thing is also the depth. Maybe it’s not about getting rid of the demons, but being okay with living with them. To know that they will be a part of you forever, but not letting them win.

At the deepest core of me, I know that being alive shouldn’t be like this. Being alive shouldn’t be plagued with all these sicknesses of the unseen that comes with modern day living. Then again like I said there’s good and bad to all things. Perhaps it’s about sacrifice – we are inflicted with illnesses of the modern day so that we are not plagued with diseases of the past that are now treatable, like polio, smallpox and TB. It comes with a more convenient way of living and not needing to worry about a roof over our heads, the next meal or predators that might infringe upon us. We are now more free physically in exchange for being less free mentally, and are now more prone to becoming trapped in the labyrinth of our minds.

Perhaps, this is a good argument for going primal sometimes. We are, after all, animals, and perhaps it’s good for us to reconnect with that, be it through exercise, sex or walks in nature. Anything that gets your heart pumping and your body moving. Perhaps this reconnection with the physical part of us is the key to finding balance in a world that’s increasingly going mental (pun intended).

#35 Day


Was a really productive and feel-good day!

-Went for a morning run
-Took an invigorating shower and shaved
-Played a round of Dota 2 with Jacob (it was a good game and we won)
Preorder items came and I packed them up ready for mailing
-Got my Victoria’s Secret Midnight Exotics Forbidden Vanilla Hydrating Body Lotion. The name sounds good and it smells good. Initially I was disappointed but when I applied it onto my skin the resultant smell was so good. I feel like a birthday cake in a good way. I applied it on my (shaved) legs and they felt almost as smooth as a baby’s butt. The lotion is a little heavy though, next time I’ll apply just a little dollop.
Finally did something about my expired ez link card and transferred the money over to my mom’s adult card which I’m currently using.
-Took a little trip down to an eyewear shop near where I live and asked for prices of astigmatism contact lenses. Bloody ex. $320/year for monthly medytex lenses. I think she was selling me one of her more expensive ones. Shall ask for cheaper ones on Tuesday; definitely getting. I MUST GET.

To achieve by the end of the month

(1) Get myself contact lenses.
(2) Go for guitar classes.
(3) Start reading up on modules.
(4) Make the decision: NUS / NTU with scholarship
(5) Apply for MOE Tuition Grant

To probably get (?)

(1) eyebrow trimming
(2) print photos
(3) dye hair
(4) hair iron



So today I cleared NAPFA five stations. First batch, on a voluntary basis
First batch = sportiest few in class = me???? Still a welcome change.
I couldn’t even clear my 2.4km 2 years ago without feeling like puking during/after running.
Every single day before PE I’d be dreading and breaking out in cold sweat.
Nobody wants people to see them pale-faced and gagging.

5+3+3+4+5 = 20 points.
5+3+3+4+5 = 20 points.

Need 21 points in total and minimum C for a Gold.
So I just need to get another C (though I’m actually vying for a B) for 2.4km.
Not aiming for an A, don’t want to go all out, as long as I have my Gold I’m happy.

The last NAPFA of my schooling days  since there wouldn’t be NAPFA in university (I think), I’ll make it a good one.

Actually I’m really glad I became fitter over this span of two years.
I look less skinny now, and I feel much healther.

Everything’s so dull nowadays, I need some excitement in my life,