habitat @ honestbee review

What is Habitat @ Honestbee?Β 

habitat@honestbee redefines supermarket shopping into an experience. it’s a nearly fully automated shopping and dining concept.

How to get there?

From pasir panjang mrt (circle line CC26), walk around 10 minutes to reach mapletree business park.

You will need to download the honestbee app (no worries, they have free wifi) to enter using “beepass” which is a user-unique QR code which you scan at the gantry area.

Inside the place!

How to make a purchase?

Simply scan the barcode using the app and link a card for payment! You can scan on the spot or they can do it for you at the checkout area (simply push in the cart and pay, then collect at the collection point when ready to leave). So easy. However, I can easily imagine older consumers who can be frustrated by this as they only accept online mode of payment e.g. Mastercard/Visa.

I bought some items on sale, such as the $0.90 unrefined cane sugar (500g), bak kut teh flavour ($0.50) and akataya unsweetened green tea ($0.65).

Fish and chips is something highly raved, so we decided to get ourselves a Red Tilapia Fish ($12.90). It was large enough for 2 pax or even 3 for smaller eaters! It was better than most fish and chips in Singapore!
Early birthday celebration for Marcus who is sad to turn 26 πŸ˜› this is Le Goma (Sesame Cake) ($9). Very pricey, but quite unique and decent taste wise. Don’t think I will repurchase. The coffee place next to it, Hinoki, looks really good!
Secret bar??????

What happens when you opt for their cart checkout!

I really enjoy honestbee’s attention to detail, and it’s a pity they are embroiled in all their debt now. I like that even the toilets are interesting, and that it is a good place to chill during the weekends. I have left out some other interesting details, so YOU can go there and discover for yourself. πŸ™‚ Cheers!