Life Update

A Level Results Day 2014


(You know, I’ve been trying to type out proper paragraphs for this post. I’ve been trying for 20 whole minutes.)

When I went to collect my results Mr Zac told me, “Your grades have been quite unpredictable, you and Baorong. So I was quite worried. Sometimes you do well, sometimes you do badly.” “How about this time?” (Ooh, first proper conversation with the bio teacher after being intimidated by him standing way too close to my table during lessons and being uncomfortable admitting to myself and others that I think he’s kinda hot. He shouldn’t be. He’s way too old to be hot.) And when I saw my grades, I didn’t feel anything. Either I’ve no expectations or I’ve been subconsciously expecting these grades. I did laugh at Math though: C. It’s as though A levels revealed my true calibre for the subject (since I’ve been scoring As throughout the rest of my major national exams).

I was relieved, though, I think. 4 damn As for A levels AAA/A I CAN QUALIFY FOR ANYTHING I CAN QUALIFY FOR MEDICINE EVEN. I haven’t been considering medicine because I didn’t think I’d score well enough for it, considering my grades were like BCCDD during prelims. Anyhow, I didn’t apply for medicine. I applied for NUS FOS and NTU SBS. And got accepted by both within the month of March even though I applied like mid-March. NUS even said “outstanding academic and co-curricular records” and that I was “among the first batch of students to be admitted into FOS”. Wow. OUTSTANDING CCA RECORDS?! Serious? Omg. NTU dean also wrote me a personal letter. Like, one whole page long. And I got invited to their scholarship interview next Tuesday fuck I’m so nervous.

I just find it really amazing that both Unis want me in so bad I don’t even consider myself an outstanding individual wtf I’m seriously still amazed. I really hope I do well in the interview because getting the scholarship would mean relieving school fee burden and having opportunities to grow and more doors open and being able to join lots of activities to expose myself to more things and become a better and stronger person.

Let’s see how things turn out.

 Dinner with NJ Clique


Fat Boy’s Review: Fat Boy’s with the NJ clique. Swiss Shroom was good! It’s the best burger I’ve ever tasted. But then again I don’t really eat expensive burgers. I usually go for $2 Double Cheeseburger or Chicken Burger from Macs LOL. When I cut the burger into half there wasn’t much resistance (was kinda surprised by that) everything was juicy and meaty and yummy yay. This Swiss Shroom burger comes with fries (meh imo) and a slice of lettuce and tomato. Around $12-13, quite affordable considering its taste and how filling it is. Will go there again if its ambience improves. Personally don’t really like the design of the outlet (referring to the one at Marymount).


Changed my braces colour!! Bright pink and lilac now I love it! Thinking of getting multiple colours again for the next round.






My first training event at work! Would have posted the photos I took on the camera the company gave me but I can’t. 😦 The best part about this job scope is getting to choose the food that you’re going to cater. And even though it’s scary (for me) to approach the trainers and discuss like dates, what to present etc, it’s still better than being stuck at the desk on the computer from 8 to 5.30 (what I’ve been doing for the past week).

Haven’t been enjoying myself at work so far, though. I feel like I’m stepping on too many toes. People are losing faith in my abilities because I screwed up. Like I forgot to put the customers’ emails into BCC, sent out the correct invoice but wrote the wrong month, ending up not sending a whole damn stack of timechits, I think I accidentally deleted them all, asking where a particular file is even though I should know… I’m not one for details. I’m so sorry. 😦 I am definitely not suited for 1. a repetitive office job 2. a job that requires a lot of attention to minute details or it’ll fuck up 3. a too happening and stressful job where I’m always on my toes.



tumblr_n3k201528t1t1ch2jo2_1280Finally got running shoes. Quite affordable these kicks were. $85. Wanted the nike air so badly but it’s $185 :((

#12 A short update on what’s been happening (not much)

11 July 2013
Went to coronation plaza with E and C with the intention of photocopying the so-called chem bible but we chanced upon the actual book instead. We were all elated. 😉




I was really happy when I got my bio mcq back from Mr Z because I’d gotten 35/40. Funny how I determine my worth using my result slip.

19 July 2013


Class CIP at Carpe Diem kindergarten. I remember when I was 5-6 years old- popular; well-liked. I answered questions bravely in class, I had a bunch of friends to call my own. I had guy friends. Then I discovered that I was a person and sent myself on a road of neurotic narcissistism.

20th July 2013


Study day with bestie.

21st July 2013 (Today)

Productive afternoon study session with BR. We’re going to do this for more weekends. Looking forward to them. 🙂

Side quips


Trying to find my bearings in this world’s only grown more foreign and less welcoming.

Snapshots of my life

Breakfast with the family




Completing the homework over the holidays.


With my classmates.


At the beach w OCIP mates whom I have gotten close to over the span of a week.


Farewell party for the seniors. Taken at the beach when we were catching the sunrise.

Jumpshot w ocip mates!


I like how I look here.



At Cambodia with my ocip-cum-floorball mate


Above the clouds on the plane.


At Mekong River in Cambodia.

Life’s good.

Let’s dance to joy division

Let’s dance to joy division
And celebrate the irony
Everything is going wrong
And we’re so happy

Today we had our first and last class outing.
Why the last? Two of my friends won’t be promoting up with us next year.
Unless we have another one, which is almost impossible.
I just feel that one of them, my closer friend, really doesn’t deserve all these. She doesn’t deserve to be asked (rather no choice really) to transfer to another school and repeat a year.

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people.

I am up just to blog but I should be sleeping now. OP dry run 2 tomorrow. Principal’s talk in the morning though, I wonder what she’s going to tell us. I know it’s about the results and all. I wonder how the cohort fared.

Got a new dress recently for real cheap only $15





Star bright
I’m loving this twilight
We’ll watch us ignite
Under the paranoma of stars dancing in the night
Star bright
I will be chasing the bright lights
Until the end of the night sky
Held in your arms
Away from the world
You and I
Under the paranoma of stars dancing in the night
And I’ll follow you into the dark