Been so long since I made some time to sit down with a book. But I have no stamina left. Only managed to read about 90 pages continuously before I got tired. Oh, I’m reading this book called Learning to Swim by Sara J Henry.


I used to be able to read some 200-400 (depending on how good the book is) in a day. Sometimes when I stumble upon a really, really good book, I’ll abandon everything and read it continuously until I finish it.

Time to get my stamina back up!

Happy Days are Here Again

Today marks the end of my promos!! Really really happy.

Now I have time to read more books and do more of what I love. Also all time low’s album is going to be out tomorrow, so gonna get it!! 🙂

Going out with my friends to bowl and chill and have a buffet and all tomorrow. I can’t wait to start my post-promos life!




I haven’t been reading for the past year. I’ve not gone to the library or the bookshop to pick up any books at all. Reading was, and still is, my favourite pastime.

Today’s the first time in months that I actually sat down with a novel. No matter that it’s a Chinese one (I have never liked reading Chinese novels as much as English ones). No matter that I have a pile of assignments sin front of me. I just needed to have something in my hands, a story in front of me. To just read. I felt so deprived of reading that I actually sat down with a Chinese book (!) and enjoyed reading it.

Maybe I shouldn’t have sacrificed so much; I should have had been reading consistently. I keep thinking that I do not have time for anything at all this whole year. Indeed, I may be much busier now, but I also spent significant amounts of time on using my phone. That amount of time could have been better spent on reading a good novel.

Wrong choices, wrong priorities. No wonder I’ve been feeling uninspired and exhausted this whole year.