This is what I believe in: If you keep thinking about somebody, or if somebody keeps thinking about you (even if you don’t think about them much), somehow or rather you’ll end up bumping into them way more often. Every single thought you make is sent out into the complexities of the universe now. This thought. That thought. All the thoughts of everything in the world.

They say everybody and everything in the universe is connected by a red string. People tug on these strings when they have thoughts about others. I fancy that thoughts, while intangible and unable to be scientifically defined more than just zaps of electricity across neurons as of now, are more than that. Thoughts can affect people around you. I would say thoughts are themselves waves of particles that radiate from you that others subconsciously sense.

I really hope these will be proven in the future because I do fervently believe this to be true.

Promotional Exam


8 days before promos. 8 days to determine whether I get promoted or not.

Make it or break it, but there can only be one option. I have to make it.

These 8 days are crucial- motivation up, negative thoughts down, confidence up, distractions down.

To be honest, since I already know I will be able to pass, I have started slacking. Think I should start aiming for Bs now.

10.51pm now. Shall finish memorizing the crucial steps of photosynthesis and respiration before retiring to bed at 12. Not bad, I’m actually sleeping early today.